New Products

 Better filtration Efficiency
Internal core in PP

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New BiG Housing
FLow up to 16m3/h

2  suitable format in the same housing 9''3.4 and 10''

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Nouveau Design + Nombreuses Options
Débit Optimal 1,5m3/h + DOE&code 3

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Residencial Market

AFIMO, with its history, is present on the entire domestic market in France and in European countries. Our product range covers all domestic applications: house or communal building up to the tap point . AFIMO is able to provide a broad spectrum of standard products, and specific products according to the will of the market. The satisfaction of our customers is assured.

Industrial Market

AFIMO is also present on the industrial market, and becomes a real industry partner. AFIMO, with its long experience, is able to meet the requirements (standards, productivity, production capacity ...) of equipment manufacturers or resellers on the export and French markets. AFIMO retains its customers on OEM projects and thanks to the quality of our services (advice, reactivity, flexibility).

OEM Program

You have a new project, you need to develop our range of filtering elements ?

AFIMO offers its customers OEMs and specialized distributors to build their own range or a unique specific product, according to our know-how and customer demand. AFIMO establishes precise specifications with its client: control and sharing of investments, R & D planning for the finished product, implementation of efficiency tests, implementation of quality monitoring, packaging publishing .... AFIMO becomes a true industrial and development partner.

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