Carbofilter Cellulo

data sheet

The cartridge CARBOFILTER® Cellulo is made with the modified cellulose and impregnated with carbon powder. It was designed to reduce the issue of high initial pressure drop with carbon blocks. It provides true depth filtration. It is specially used for the filtration of chemical baths (reduced OD), it is also suitable for water with low chlorine rate or VOC (volatile chemical compound).

Technical datas : 

Media :  Imppregnated cellulose with powder of coal charcoal, wound around a core 
Longueur : 9’’3/4 – 10’’- 20’’
Diameter :  ID 28mm             OD 63mm and 110 mm
Max Temperature : 52°C
Micron : 5µm
End caps :   DOE plastisol
Chlorine reduction Capacity :      low 
Low initiale pressure drop : 50 mbars@250L/h

Carbofilter Cellulo

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