AFIMO was created by our current president, Mr Jaume C.B in 1989 as a production unit of the company APIC, the French leader in filtration products.
In the early 2000s, AFIMO decided to focus its industrial project in the manufacture of melt blown cartridges. The whole team worked for months on a single meltblown process.
AFIMO designs and develops its own 100% automated production line. The "Puromelt ®" cartridge occurred.

AFIMO also launching a new range of housing with its own plastic injection molds, and the Microfilter Monofilter ranges are created.
AFIMO then develops the production of our coal cartridge "Carbofilter ®" by a sintering process and extrusion, allowing a choice of multiple media coal-based granular and powder.
Today, our range has expanded as market demand: Carbofilter DUO Carbofilter CC5 +, Carbofilter Ag2+

The longevity of AFIMO based on solid experience and multiple resources.

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