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AFIMO at its creation in 1988, installed a space in its offices to integrate its own laboratory.

A test skid, custom delivered by an engineering office is installed to test and calibrate our housings and cartridges. We can perform initial pressre drop tests in function flow rate. We then get the pressure drop drawing of various products.

At the R & D process for our first production line Melt Blown "Puromelt®" AFIMO tested through a particle counter: COULTER COUNTER Multisizer II, the median effective prototypes and finished products. With its measuring instruments, AFIMO offers an average efficiency of 90% for each cartridge.

A second test skid is installed with several possible filter sequences. AFIMO can thus check the maximum differential pressure of use, that means clogging pressure before crushing particulate filter cartridges.

Through a closed circuit, the 1st dechlorination tests are implemented to check the quality of our first material and the finished product on our range of CARBOFILTER®.

AFIMO is in regular contact with approved laboratories and accredited at European level and in France COFRAC, so if necessary, carry out additional tests.


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