General Informations:

AFIMO owns the molds of our Monofilter, ensuring no change in design and production. The rates of materials are respected and constant. At conception, each housing meets ANSI / NSF 53-2005 testing the structural integrity of the product. Thus our Monofilter housings are secured by a pressure test 100 000 cycles from 0 to 150psi (10.5 bar), and a burst test regular pressure rise.

Each reference in this range are certified ACS Sanitary Conformity Certification, french regulation for drinking water, please contact us for ID certification.


Monofilter BPC

pdfDS (only available in french version at this time)

The MONOFILTER BPC housing is composed of 3 parts: head, ring and sump. Also a built-in By-Pass and Closing Valve.

No need to install a valve upstream, or a bypass when necessary. You choose by turning your head to the desired position: Filtration / Closing / By-pass. The depressurization is automatic, in bypass position, you can change your cartridge.

I / O are manufactured with brass inserts. Most often used in domestic applications, it is also suitable for industrial pre-filtration applications. It is fixed with a metal mounting bracket and disassembles with a specific wrench in PP. 

Technical datas: 

Lenght :   9’’3/4 – 20’’
I/O: ¾’’ – 1’’
Pressure of use: 8,6bars
Temperature. 40°C
Parts: Head and ring in PP – Sump in S.A.N
Accessories:  Simple metal mounting bracket

Wrench in PP


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