Our purchasing policy is simple, AFIMO chooses its first material with suppliers whose products meet international certifications (US) and Europe.

Carbon media  Polypropylene

Certification NSF 61
European and German food certification

Certification FDA 100% pure PP

In addition, regarding our products and offer a full range A.C.S certified Sanitary Conformity Certification, demonstrating the safety of our products and their use to human consumption in drinking water regulations.

AFIMO strongly urge you to read the following link for the circular on the ACS: http:  http://www.sante.gouv.fr/attestation-de-conformite-sanitaire-acs.html

Certified products:

  1. Puromelt
  2. Purowind
  3. Puropleat
  4. Monofilter 3P et 2P
  5. Scaleflayer

For the original certificates and the A.C.S, thank you to contact us directly. AFIMO does'nt communicate anymore broadly its information in order not to see his data used by a third party illegally.

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