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In 2016 AFIMO presents the AfiSTAR system, unique model filter. These housings are made of polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass, the manufacturing process is one of the vessel membranes (RO, UF ...). Their modified design accepts specific filter cartridges with an unusually wide area. The housings are divided into 2 or 3 cartridges, each cartridge format is identical to module 20 ''. The media are polypropylene and PP reinforced with patented technology. These provide excellent 95% filtration efficiency and mechanical strength greater than that of standard product.

PuroPleatSTAR: PP

PuroTechSTAR: PP high strength - patented technology.

PuroWashSTAR: PP Washable - Patented Technology.

With AfiSTAR system you can treat any turbid water at flow rates of more than 300m3 / h while maintaining efficiency close to absolute at the opposite of a sand filter or other media. Initial investments and congestion is greatly reduced thanks to the skids mounted on stainless steel floors. Maintenance is simple, the cartridges change is done without removing the I / O. Each AfiSTAR housing is positioned a purge and vent connection.

Our AfiSTAR models integrate easily into a proposed desalination prefilter scale, no metal parts in contact with sea water.

Technical datas:   

Material housing :  FRP
Lenght cartridge : module of 20''
MONO cartridge : Cartridge with specific end caps
Flow rate of use : 70m3/h to 330m3/h
I/O : 3'' Victaulic or Flange DN125 to 200 (SS skid)
Max. Pressure     :    10 bars / 15 bars hydraulic tests
Max. Temperature : 50°C
Opening : easy change of element filter
Options :  on different skids, on request
Type of cartridge : Pleated Cartridge with high efficiency @95% PuropleatSTAR / PuroTechSTAR / PuroWashSTAR
Fixing housing : on  skid, to be created by customer or to be ordered.

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